EIP Connections - March 2017

Welcome Students from Japan!


Second Language Intensive Programs is pleased to welcome students from the University of Niigata Prefecture for a 5-week intensive language program during the months of February and March.  The students will receive 21 hours of English training per week and will be given the opportunity to join EIP outings and clubs and to connect with language partners to explore Canadian culture and make new friends.  We look forward to meeting these students and wish them a fun-filled journey in the Capital Region! We hope that they have an amazing experience improving their English and enjoying a real Canadian winter!

Students Develop their Leadership Skills

student leadership

On January 27, Stéphane Cardinal from the Michaëlle-Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement offered Team Leader Training to students on campus. The workshop focused on the leadership role in the context of group volunteering. EIP students got the chance to participate and practice using leadership strategies.  This is what two of the participants had to say about their experience:

 “It was a good workshop. It reminded me of the importance of being responsible, how to solve conflicts, how to manage time, how to motivate a team to reach a goal and how to be a good leader; skills that are helpful to manage a team.” -Judline Lerisson, Level 0120

“I really enjoyed joining the workshop because of the organization, the material, and the clarity of the lecture during the workshop, so I got high energy and motivation to complete it and become a good leader and make the University of Ottawa proud of us.” – Ahmed Hijji, Level 0120

We invite all EIP students interested in volunteering projects to join the Team Leader Training next time it is offered. Programs like this are very valuable for students who are the leaders of tomorrow!

Learning Tip: Keep Going!


By: David Pratt, English Instructor

Usually, the learning tips provided in this section are concrete methods or tools that you, as a student, can use to improve in your English studies or deepen your understanding of the language. For this instalment, we’re going to talk about something else . . . motivation.

                It’s the middle of a cold winter, it gets dark at 5 p.m. (or earlier!), and you are in the middle of a long semester. Maybe your first few marks were not as great as you had hoped, and you are feeling discouraged. The good news is that this feeling is totally normal. The other good news is that this is temporary. Soon (well, soon-ish), spring will come. The days will get longer, and you will wake up one day and realize that your English has actually been improving the whole time! In the meantime, here are a few tips to stay motivated with your studies and your progress.

1. Learn some new words and phrases and USE THEM!

               Learning new words and phrases is great, but unless you use them (in speaking and writing), they are easy to forget. Learning some new linking words and phrases to use in your writing, and learning some new conversational language that you can practice with native speakers, are quick ways to feel like you are making some progress.

2. Find some way to be active

               If you sit at home all winter and look at your computer screen all night, you are bound to feel down. Find some time to get outside or to the gym and do something physical. Your body (and mind) will thank you, and it can be a nice break.

3. Find some time to be social

               Plan a dinner. Go out for coffee with a classmate. Go and see a movie. Studying is hard work, and a bit of socializing can help you keep a balanced life. It also gives you something to look forward to at the end of the week. If you can be social in English—even better!

4. ‘Live’ a little bit more in English

               I know this sounds good, but it can be difficult. We all like to have friends from our home country who speak our first language. You should definitely keep these people around you! (Getting together to eat Chinese food and watching the CCTV New Year’s TV show is important!) You should also try and use English as much as you can in your life outside the classroom. Talk to some EIP students who are not from your country. Meet them on outings and in class. Practice your pronunciation as you perfect ordering your Starbucks coffee in English. Go to some classes or events and find a way to use English (yoga, Winterlude, etc.). Ask people for directions, even if you know where you are going. Ask questions to people working at the grocery store, even though you know the answer. Get creative with ways you can fit a little bit more English into your life!

5. Look back at how far you have already come

               Learning is not a steady upward rise from beginner to intermediate to advanced. There are times when you will notice big progress all at once, and there will be times when it feels as though you are not getting any better at all. When you are learning a language from the beginning, everything is new and progress is clear. “I learned my A-B-Cs!” “I can write a sentence!” “I can write a paragraph!” “I can write an essay!” These are all big accomplishments, but the more advanced you become, the harder it is sometimes to see how much you are improving. Keep going! Everyone who has studied a new language has felt what you are feeling right now. If you can get through the low-motivation times, the rewards will be huge!

In my opinion, EIP students are among the most motivated people on campus. They work so hard in class while dealing with a new life in Ottawa, far away from family, friends, and familiarity. Try and motivate yourself and motivate others. You are getting closer to your goals every day!

The Writing Advisors at the Academic Writing Help Center Are Here to Help You!

writing advisors

By: Bruno Cyr, Academic Writing Specialist – International Students


Our Centre, located at 110 University, offers individualized support to English Intensive Program (EIP) students. We can help you:

  • Get an individual learning plan;
  • Work on your papers prior to submitting them to your professors;
  • Understand what academic writing is;
  • Develop your critical thinking skills;
  • Learn to recognize and avoid plagiarism.

Why wait? Contact me by email (bruno.cyr@uottawa.ca) today to book an appointment!

For more information on our services and for helpful resources please visit our website.

Student Benefits in Ottawa: Save as You Go!

student benefits

Photo credit: http://www.thedustertoday.com/2014/02/how-to-survive-college-student-id-discounts/


By: Xiaoyang (Audrey) Zhang, EIP Mentor

In Ottawa, there are a lot of places that offer a student discount. I picked some of the stores that I enjoy going to, and hope you will like them too! However, most of these stores do not offer the discount unless you ask and provide them with your student card, so always remember to bring your student card with you, and ask for the discount when you pay your bill!

All you can eat buffet:

Tucker’s Marketplace is a student hot spot in the Byward Market. The restaurant offers a student discount for Wednesday dinner (5p.m. to 8:30 p.m.) and Saturday brunch (11a.m to 2 p.m.). Check out the menu on their website and pile up your plate for just $10.99!

Computers & laptops:
Apple offers special education pricing to students. You can save as much as $300 off a Mac computer or laptop. Check out the Apple Store and search ‘shop for university’ to take advantage of this deal!

Stock up your Snacks:

Bulk Barn offers students 10% off their entire purchase every Wednesday.

You can find a variety of daily essentials in the store: chocolates, dried fruits, nuts, candy, and much more!

Get a breakfast special:
Students can enjoy a breakfast special at Summerhays Grill, including two eggs, bacon, home fries, and toast for only $2.49! Call your friends, and get your eggs over-easy on a Sunday morning!

Better health, better live:

Pure Yoga offers a 40% discount on any class packages for students. This package can be used Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. It doesn’t matter if you want to increase muscle strength, reduce weight, improve flexibility, or just relax, yoga can help! Click here to register online.

Let’s go shopping:

There are many clothing stores that offer student discounts, for example: Roots, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, Eddie Bauer, J.Crew, Top Shop, and a lot more! Although the student discount cannot usually be combined with another ongoing store promotion, always ask because you never know! :)

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